The Way of The Lobster

This way you can also enjoy a trip through Maine. In a boat ride along the coast, there are places where the lobster Lobster Shacks and Lobster Pounds are hidden. Here you can find the best and often the most favorable lobsters. Lobster Schack in the Elizabeth Bay is no longer a secret, but that does not mean that you do not have to go there and try happiness. At the end of the road 127 there is a small village Five Islands and there is a company for processing lobsters Five Islands Lobster Company. Here first you need to enjoy the lobster and then look in the eye.

Lobster has excellent taste because it enjoys the cold waters of the Atlantic. Namely, the lobster was not always delicacy as it is today. About 1900, he used to eat poor sailors, and the peasants used it as a fertilizer or a bait for fish. Now this delicacy with hard or soft shell can be eaten in many ways. A lamb with hard shell is more salty and it’s harder to break through his shell – without special accessories it is not possible at all. Unlike him, a soft-lobster lobster is soft as butter and represents regional delicacies, which is generally available from June to November. Anyone who wants to get to know this domestic animal with Maine’s coat should go to a fishing boat and there personally touches it: It’s not easy to free lobes from their cages at all. These animals, of course, do not want to cooperate. And there’s plenty of them. Before returning them to water, they should be measured. Under protection are even female egg-bearing animals. Their survival is very important and therefore fishermen pay attention to their protection. The hunting of lobsters is still done here manually and this knowledge is transmitted from generation to generation. There are 6300 fishermen living here.

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