Piece of Paradise on Earth – Destination Maine

When I finally arrived in Maine, I knew why I was attracted to it: I felt like myself on my own. Cute old towns, many from the 19th century. People are turning to the future and progress, nature on all sides, but also rich art and culture. Part of Europe. This reliable piece on the other side of the world may be just what it takes to covert Maine. In doing so, you will completely fall in love with him. In his lighthouses, who got their own paths and where there are all 60 proud buildings that are curious. You will fall in love with lobsters that require extraordinary skill to catch, but also eat. But once you break their armor, you come to the aromatic meat in which you will enjoy. You’ll fall in love with blueberries. At every step, people who work on agriculture are coming together, but they work with it in a bright and happy manner. You will be fascinated by the walking paths that will allow you to stroll through unspoiled nature and enjoy complete solitude. The colors of the trees will surely impress you.

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