Unique World of Colors in Maine

In Maine the wind determines the direction of the road. And the goal. At least for those who want to follow the vortex of colors that changes the areas from yellow to orange, then red and red-brown – colors that you will not see so often in our areas. Whoever wants to see it all should make a plan. Leaf Peepers have a proposal. They know very well that the magic mixing of colors starts from the north in New England and spreads further to the south. They also know the best places to admire the Indian flight. One of these places is the Baxter State Park in Maine. This wonder of nature is the dyeing of leaves on which dew drops during the night, and the morning cold speeds up the process of coloring at the transition from one season to the next. If it is still warm at the end of the year, then this process slows down. There is something that our Indian Year is not even about this in Maine: there are thousands of different types of trees participating in this spectacle of colors. Sugar Maple is one of them and has particularly beautiful colors.

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